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  • 36,093.47-470.4-1.3%
  • 10,704.80-135.8-1.27%
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Find the best performing indices and the best performing company within those indices. Also review the historical performance of Index using chart view.
Best Company of IndexChart
S&P BSE IPOBSE1.391.11Gb Global Ltd
NIFTY SME EMERGENSE0.740.46Madhav Copper Ltd
S&P BSE SENSEXBSE-0.180.89Titan Company Ltd
Nifty Tata GroupNSE-0.261.21Titan Company Ltd
NIFTY50 Value 20NSE-0.340.91Icici Bank Ltd
NIFTY 50NSE-0.340.91Titan Company Ltd
NIFTY 100NSE-0.340.91Hdfc Asset Management Company Ltd
S&P BSE 100BSE-0.340.91Adani Power Ltd
S&P BSE CARBONEXBSE-0.461.14Adani Power Ltd
NIFTY 200NSE-0.510.92Hdfc Asset Management Company Ltd
NIFTY 500NSE-0.510.91Gb Global Ltd
S&P BSE 500BSE-0.520.90Gb Global Ltd
S&P BSE 200BSE-0.520.90Hdfc Asset Management Company Ltd
NIFTY Low Volatility 50NSE-0.570.81Pi Industries Ltd
NIFTY MID LIQ 15NSE-0.591.32Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd
S&P BSE CPSEBSE-0.591.43Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd
NIFTY DIV OPPS 50NSE-0.730.85Interglobe Aviation Ltd
NIFTY NEXT 50NSE-0.751.03Hdfc Asset Management Company Ltd
S&P BSE GREENEXBSE-0.801.23Titan Company Ltd
Nifty Tata Group 25% CapNSE-0.821.13Titan Company Ltd
NIFTY MIDCAP 50NSE-0.851.27Bata India Ltd
NIFTY50 Equal WeightNSE-0.911.02Titan Company Ltd
NIFTY100 Equal WeightNSE-0.931.00Hdfc Asset Management Company Ltd
NIFTY100 LIQ 15NSE-0.971.44Bajaj Finance Ltd
S&P BSE SME IPOBSE-1.030.68Mishka Exim Ltd