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Find the best performing indices and the best performing company within those indices. Also review the historical performance of Index using chart view.
Best Company of IndexChart
NIFTY50 Value 20NSE1.460.86State Bank Of India
S&P BSE SENSEXBSE1.430.77State Bank Of India
Nifty Smallcap 100NSE1.340.60Ifci Ltd
Nifty Tata GroupNSE1.121.12Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
S&P BSE 100BSE0.990.79Idfc First Bank Ltd
NIFTY 50NSE0.990.79State Bank Of India
S&P BSE 200BSE0.790.80Idfc First Bank Ltd
NIFTY 100NSE0.780.80Nhpc Ltd
NIFTY 200NSE0.770.81Idfc First Bank Ltd
NIFTY SME EMERGENSE0.740.46Mittal Life Style Ltd
NIFTY Low Volatility 50NSE0.620.76Nhpc Ltd
NIFTY DIV OPPS 50NSE0.610.77Ifci Ltd
S&P BSE 500BSE0.590.80Idfc First Bank Ltd
NIFTY 500NSE0.580.81Idfc First Bank Ltd
S&P BSE CARBONEXBSE0.490.83Idfc First Bank Ltd
NIFTY50 Equal WeightNSE0.360.87State Bank Of India
Nifty Mahindra GroupNSE0.251.24Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd
NIFTY GROWSECT 15NSE0.170.92Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
S&P BSE GREENEXBSE0.150.91State Bank Of India
NIFTY MID LIQ 15NSE0.121.33Idfc First Bank Ltd
NIFTY NEXT 50NSE0.001.02Nhpc Ltd
NIFTY MIDCAP 50NSE0.001.21Idfc First Bank Ltd
NIFTY100 Equal WeightNSE0.000.91Nhpc Ltd
S&P BSE CPSEBSE-0.111.23Nhpc Ltd
NIFTY100 LIQ 15NSE-0.121.32State Bank Of India