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Indusind Bank Ltd (Diversified Banks)Last traded on( 04/Aug/2020)

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In accordance with Regulation 30 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations 20l5 we would like to inform you as under: Route One Investment Company LP USA (ROIC) is an existing investor holding approximately 4.96% of the issued and subscribed capital of the Bank. ROIC approached the Reserve Bank of India seeking a prior approval to increase their stake in the Bank upto 10% in accordance with the RBI Master Direction on Prior Approval for Acquisition of Shares in Private Sector Banks. Basis reference from RBI the Board of Directors of the Bank in their meeting held on July 5 2020 granted its approval to the proposed acquisition of Route One Investment Company L.P. in our Bank. RBI has forwarded the Bank a copy of the letter addressed to ROIC granting approval for increasing their shareholding up to 10% of the paid-up voting equity capital of IndusInd Bank Limited. We request you to bring the above to the notice of all concerned.24/Jul/2020
IndusInd Bank adopts a smarter faster and deeper customer engagement strategy with an agile technology platform IndusInd Bank has announced its successful integration with CRMNEXT the leading enterprise solution provider for banks and financial services. This integration will enable the Bank to simplify the process of customer on-boarding introduce new products and meet customer demands by automating and customizing processes to fit the modern-day financial requirements. The CRMNEXT platform will empower IndusInd Bank with an intelligence driven Customer Action Center which will provide complete information on customers acquired from multiple sources and make it available on a single intuitive screen. This will give the Bank a holistic view of customer relationships across product offerings thereby enabling the Bank officials to build smarter relationship programs and also initiate activities for faster sales and service fulfilment.16/Jul/2020