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Chordia Food Products Ltd ()Last traded on( 02/Jun/2023)

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ISIN: INE975C01011 Ref:- CFPL/SEC/BSE/9554/2022-2023 We refer to our earlier letter dated 2nd September 2022 forwarding there under the Copy of Notice of the Extra Ordinary General Meeting [EOGM]. Accordingly the EOGM of the Shareholders of the Company was held today i.e. on 26th December 2022 in which the Shareholders have considered the following Special Resolution:- 1) Resolution for re-appointment of Mrs. Zalak Neil Shah [DIN: 07903924] as Woman Independent Director of the Company not liable to retire by rotation for the second term of 5 (Five) Consecutive years w.e.f. 28th September 2022 to 27th September 2027. The Combined E-Voting Result of the Scrutinizer will be submitted to you separately along with the details under Regulation 44(3) of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligation and Disclosure Requirements) Regulation 2015. You are requested to kindly take the note of the same and put it on your Electronic Media.26/Dec/2022