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Agc Networks Ltd (Data Processing & Outsourced Services)Last traded on( 07/Aug/2020)

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Dear Sir/Madam Pursuant to the provisions of Regulation 30(2) of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations 2015 ("Listing Regulations") we wish to inform you that Black Box Networks Services Australia Pty Ltd (Acquirer 1) and Black Box Networks Services New Zealand Ltd (Acquirer 2) Indirect wholly-owned Subsidiaries of the Company have entered into Share Sale Agreement with Agile Group Limited (seller) for Acquisition of 100% stake in Pyrios Pty Limited (Target Company 1) and Pyrios Limited (Target Company 2) respectively. In terms of SEBI Circular no. CIR/CFD/CMD/4/2015 dated September 9 2015 the requisite details of the said acquisition(s) in the prescribed format are enclosed herewith. This is for your information record and necessary action.10/Jun/2020
Acquisition AGCNET : AGC Networks Limited has informed the Exchange that Black Box Holdings Limited, Indirect Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of the Company, has entered into a Share Sale Agreement with Mr. Abizer Leelwalla Sajjad Hussain and Mr. Albert Raj Naricitti Peter on May 31, 2020, to acquire all shares of Fujisoft Technology LLC (Dubai), Fujisoft Security Solutions LLC (Dubai) and Fuji Soft Technology LLC (Abu Dhabi) (collectively referred to as Target Companies ) being limited liability companies incorporated under laws of UAE.01/Jun/2020